“There is no more sophisticated, erudite, but above all welcoming “open mic” than the one hosted by the delightful Keri Kelsey at the Gardenia on Tuesday nights . . . it stands out because the room is full of love, emanating from its gracious emcee who keeps the evening moving with a seemingly endless well of stories, while her loyal singers get ready to surprise the audience with choices from the American Popular Songbook or something new that they themselves have created. It’s a warm supportive crew and the Gardenia is the perfect home!”
~ Andrea Marcovicci

Keri Kelsey hosts the longest running Open Mic in LA and possibly in the country, at the longest running supper club in the country – The Gardenia. The singers range from well-known actors in town working on their singing skills, people rehearsing material on their way to the Carlyle Room to the person walking down the street that sees the marquee and thinks ‘I’ve always wanted to be a singer!’ That makes for a VERY eclectic and entertaining night.

“We have the best musicians in the city. It’s a rare opportunity to work with musicians of this caliber. Our pianists have played for Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Herb Alpert, toured with Alanis Morissette and Morrissey, played for ‘American Idol’ and the list goes on and on. We very often have multiple musicians joining us and will have a full trio or quartet. We also have a talented musician/sound engineer, Terry Cole, doing lights and sound for us. People have also booked their shows in the room by being heard at the Open Mic.”

USA Today rates Keri’s show as one of the Top 10 Open Mic nights in the country.

The Open Mic is every Tuesday night at 9pm, with sign up for singers at 7:30pm. The Gardenia is located at 7066 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA.

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